Am I Good Enough?

I oftentimes wonder, whether or not, that I am good enough to talk to certain people-the ones that I look up to for what they look like, for what they have accomplished, personally and professionally, or for the very matter of fact that they are in a position to offer me an opportunity, which canContinue reading “Am I Good Enough?”

Silent Communication

The way we walk, the way we sit, the way we carry ourselves are all indicative of the amount of confidence that we have on the inside. First impression is the first communication that we have with each other. Although it is non-verbal in most cases; however, we can learn a lot about each otherContinue reading “Silent Communication”

Understanding The Crowd

I am a member of a local speaking club. I often wonder why people that I meet on a weekly basis aren’t as proactive as I wish they were, trying to approach and start a conversation with me, unless they need a pair of helping hands. One of the reasons can surely be explained byContinue reading “Understanding The Crowd”

Complicated People

I am not sure if I am overly sensitive at times, or some people are just too complicated for me to understand them. Case#1: I know a very friendly guy, who always shows a great amount of respect and courtesy to whomever he encounters in person. He seems understanding of others’ point of view, andContinue reading “Complicated People”

Techniques Of Conversing With Strangers

As students, we went to school to learn the tangible, analytical, hard skills, and to obtain various degrees or certificates, required for fruition of our professional dreams. As adults, we do our best in spare time to improve the intangible, soft skills, such as creative thinking, leadership, and interpersonal communication. It is my belief thatContinue reading “Techniques Of Conversing With Strangers”