Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos

Not too long ago, decision made by social media companies, such as Instagram and Facebook, to delete pictures that contained exposure of a female nipple or photographic portrayal of a breastfeeding moment caused a huge controversy online. Many women, especially those, who were mothers, were outraged by this decision. In their opinions, breastfeeding a childContinue reading “Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos”


The late American artist, Andy Warhol once said in 1968, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” As it is often the case, the bold prediction, made by the greats, the likes of Andy Warhol, does become a reality at some point in human history. The advent of interaction-based digital era, facilitated byContinue reading “Media”

What An Instagram Post Has Taught Me, Again

Commitment, this is what an Instagram post has taught me again today. Here’s the backstory: I bought a H&M sweater the other day that I adored. Shortly after that purchase, I also discovered Steve Aoki’s hot track, ” Delirious”. I liked these two discoveries so much that I decided to do my own version ofContinue reading “What An Instagram Post Has Taught Me, Again”


Instagram is very representative of all of our individual liking and eccentric taste. At times when I look at the pictures in the popular feed, I am baffled by the randomness of choices. Bafflement aside, what’s sure to get voted as the most popular is the type of pictures, in which the girls and boysContinue reading “Instagram”

Un Illettré Moderne

Je me sens chanceux d’avoir la capacité de parler français. Bien que je ne le parle pas du tout couramment, je suis bien en bonne direction de le perfectionner. On est jugé par le monde la manière dont on s’exprime verbalement. Les mots ont le pouvoir énorme. C’est la raison pour laquelle qu’on a tousContinue reading “Un Illettré Moderne”