Try Your Dream

I came across this aspiration quote the other day on a notebook cover, which contained a grammatical error. Although it was not perfectly written; however, I understood the message that it intended to convey. I read a Facebook self-confession the other day, in which the writer reflected on the impossibility of being a perfectionist-“I’m prettyContinue reading “Try Your Dream”

Une Nouvelle Chose

Nous devons tous nous pousser à apprendre les nouvelles choses dans chaque chapitre de notre vie. Nous le faisons soit pour les intérêts personnels soit pour les raisons professionnelles. Quoi qu’il en soit, il faut que nous ayons le courage de nous placer dans un endroit, qui nous paraît inconfortable.

May Day Contemplation

What was once elusive will eventually become one of the ordinaries. Personal experiences are the culprit in rendering a sense of day-to-day ordinariness to an object or a person that was once considered to be a myth or a legend, whose rarity and distance tended to conjure up an irresistible attraction that flamed the fireContinue reading “May Day Contemplation”