A Pinwheel Toy

I saw a pinwheel toy in the snow in front of someone’s front yard this morning. The wheel, slowly and steadfastly, turned in the direction of the gentle winter breeze. I remembered that I used to have one of these toys in my childhood. I would carry it with me everywhere I went. To me,Continue reading “A Pinwheel Toy”

Un Ange

Je vois un ange jouer dans la neige. Il est petit, mignon, et gai. Comme la neige, l’innocence et la pureté le protègent de la malpropreté du monde de trois dimensions. Dans l’enfance, on avait hâte de s’agrandir, car on ne voulais s’en débarrasser les limites que nous ont imposés les adultes dans notre vie.Continue reading “Un Ange”

Dance Freely

In kindergarten, I used to dance a lot. As one of the ‘principle’ dancers throughout my kindergarten career, I was able to hold onto this admirable status as I progressed from one grade to another. I loved dancing. But I didn’t know why. Now looking back on it, I’ve realized that my kindergarten dance madeContinue reading “Dance Freely”

A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All

Today, I would like to write about an obvious yet neglected, an embarrassing yet enticing, a common yet bewildering, and a touching yet mockery-provoking subject, that is self-love. Self-love is not narcissism. Self-love isn’t the kind of excessive self-centeredness, exemplified so perfectly by countless bikini babes and shirtless hunks on Instagram. Self-love simply is, inContinue reading “A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All”

A Cute Little Boy

This morning I saw a boy, who waved his gloved little hand at a policeman, sitting inside a parked police car while crossing an intersection. His smile and curiosity were so contagious that his father couldn’t help but keep saying to him “That’s a police car.” The little boy walked slowly past me. Right beforeContinue reading “A Cute Little Boy”