Can We Really Have It All?

Can we really have it all? Yes, because this is the reality for some. No, because this is only a wishful thinking for others. On this Planet Earth, not only do we have Paris Hilton of the world, whose privileged upbringing allows them to lounge, when summer comes, on the sunny beaches of Ibiza, butContinue reading “Can We Really Have It All?”

Hollywood Aura

A stranger tapped me on the shoulder in the subway station this morning. I did not know him. He was someone with some disabilities in verbal communication and physical mobility. I turned around to look at his face for a second, I promptly said, “Hello!” then quickly wanted to move on. He tapped me onContinue reading “Hollywood Aura”


We all have our own obsession with different celebrities. Fair point. As I am getting swept up more and more in the rhythm of life, I find myself becoming more and more cynical towards those, who are made famous, thanks to their royal lineage. What do these people have done to reach their celebrity status,Continue reading “Royals”

One Of The Life’s Conundrums

Many people look to street corner, in the open air, for intriguing discoveries. There are also many people, who look to street corner, on the inside of a public space, for shelter and protection. Lately, I have noticed more and more socially and financially disadvantaged people, who have sought out a warm corner in theContinue reading “One Of The Life’s Conundrums”

2015 New York Fashion Week Latest “It” Girl

New York Fashion Week found its newest “It” girl. She wasn’t Naomi or Giselle. She wasn’t the popular fashion blogger or the young designer, whose debut collection galvanized the entire industry. The latest “It” girl of the fashion week extravaganza was Harper Beckham. Who? For those of you, who are unfamiliar with this girl, sheContinue reading “2015 New York Fashion Week Latest “It” Girl”

Black History Month In Canada

February is Black History Month in Canada. In this month, all Canadians are called to recognize, honor and celebrate, collectively, the contributions that Black Canadians have made for this country on both of the national and international levels. One of the key reasons why a month of this type was designated in the first placeContinue reading “Black History Month In Canada”

Sexism Today

When we watch certain TV programs, especially those ones that fall into the genre of talk show, or panel debate focused on politically and economically related issues, it’s inevitable for us to assume that whoever hosts the show is more cultivated and better educated than us, the TV watchers, because he or she is givenContinue reading “Sexism Today”