A Simple Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be Judgmental

We often hear that being judgmental is not good and some of us don’t even understand the reason why. We are taught how to differentiate the good from the bad by our parents at home, which is a form of judgment. We are taught how to analyze materials by our teachers in school, which isContinue reading “A Simple Reason Why We Shouldn’t Be Judgmental”

I Despise My Own Arrogance

As I go along with my daily life, as I am gaining more self-confidence, I can’t help but also come to notice and to despise the increase of my arrogance. My arrogance usually manifests itself in the form of anger and judgment, which can be awakened, easily and irrationally, by the smallest things others doContinue reading “I Despise My Own Arrogance”

Physical Beauty Does Get You Somewhere In Life. But…

Wandering around and looking at all the physically beautiful people, earning a fixed hourly income, on the inside of the Roots store in Yorkville earlier today, out of nowhere, a thought came into my head, “Physical beauty does get you somewhere in life. But it won’t get you all the way to the top.” SpeakingContinue reading “Physical Beauty Does Get You Somewhere In Life. But…”

To Experience To Relate

Since we were little kids, all of us have been in a constant search of different ways to relate to others and to make us relatable. As kids, our innocence was the natural pull that made us relatable to one another. As adults, our commonly shared roller-coaster ride kind of life experiences have replaced ourContinue reading “To Experience To Relate”

How To Be Inspirational

I did a speech last night. One member of the audience came up to me afterwards and said, ” You are so inspirational!” While feeling extremely flattered by his kind words, I took the opportunity to remind him that being someone inspirational was not a goal that was difficult to accomplish. Being someone inspirational isContinue reading “How To Be Inspirational”

Different Levels Of Self-Confidence

There are different levels of self-confidence. The level of self-confidence that we have while conversing on an individual basis isn’t exactly the same as the one that we use to call a meeting to order, to give a toast, or to offer someone constructive criticism in a public setting. Quite often time, people attribute theContinue reading “Different Levels Of Self-Confidence”

Working Hard Is Very Democratic

When I am feeling lazy, slouching in my chair, the most effective way that I can use to kick myself out of idleness is to watch interviews given by people, for whom I have a sense of admiration, on Youtube. A commonality, which is shared by all these people that I look up to, isContinue reading “Working Hard Is Very Democratic”

Who Is A Hero?

“A hero is not someone, who is ‘perfect.’ We’d have no Heroes if this were the standard. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t invalidate the contributions we make in the course of our lives. Perfection is not heroism; humanity is.”-Anthony Robbins

Personal Battery

“We take better care of our iPhone and blackberry than we do of ourselves. When an iPhone is low in battery, there’s a 20% or 10% warning. When I ran out of my own battery a few years ago, collapsing from exhaustion in a pool of blood with my chin bruised, I didn’t even knowContinue reading “Personal Battery”

Marrying People Sans Fame Is Not A Noble Act

When is it that becoming a celebrity makes a person not ordinary? Why is it that when a famed person marries someone without public recognition makes him or her look extraordinary? Should someone sans fame feel grateful when he or she marries a celebrity, who doesn’t care about his or her ordinariness, and whose actContinue reading “Marrying People Sans Fame Is Not A Noble Act”