A Sense of Proximity

One in three young black babies in the United States of America will go to prison in his lifetime. More and more single moms end up in jail, and their kids are sent to foster care, where their well-being is not guaranteed. These are some of the frightening words and stats that I took awayContinue reading “A Sense of Proximity”

Not Willing To Let Go Yet

Applying for Canadian permanent residency has been the most tumultuous journey that I have ever been on. A process, which is, in comparison, a lot less demanding than the one in the U. S, that being said, more than seven years later, I am still nowhere near the final stage, where a period can beContinue reading “Not Willing To Let Go Yet”


When we move to a new country, what we want the most, after the basic things are settled down, is assimilation. We want to become a member of the pack. We dislike being singled out as an outsider or someone different and foreign. Somehow, in trying to assimilate to the new culture, many of usContinue reading “Assimilation”

Having More Than One Perspective

In those early years of my stay in Canada, I wished that I were born in this country. My desperation to assimilate into the mainstream society made me want to be rid of my foreign upbringing and everything that I’d learned along the way. A decade later, having gotten enough Canadian experiences under my belt,Continue reading “Having More Than One Perspective”