Close Our Eyes To See

Beautiful landscapes are nice to look at. Once in a while, when we come across that particular one, which creates a deep resonance within us, we can’t help ourselves but feel like diving into it and becoming one with all of its elements that have unexpectedly enchanted us so profoundly at first sight. If theContinue reading “Close Our Eyes To See”

My Parents Aren’t Superheroes

When I was small and innocent, I thought that my parents were superheroes. Everywhere we went in our tiny city, people knew us. Every restaurant we went to, we had the best table. Every dream that I had, my parents were able to realize them in a timely fashion. Now that I’m big and grown,Continue reading “My Parents Aren’t Superheroes”

How To Appreciate Yourself

When I was a kid, I was teased a lot by friends and by schoolmates for my physical appearance, due to my weight issue. I was called pig and fatty on a daily basis, even by people in my close circle; the verbal bully that I had to face constantly really took a toll inContinue reading “How To Appreciate Yourself”

How Do You Use Your Imagination?

Harry Potter author, J. K. Rowling, once said, “Humans are the only beings that can think themselves into others’ places without having the actual experience.” In other words, our imagination is powerful. Since our imagination is powerful, how do we use this amazing ability of ours to serve us? Some, the likes of Steve JobsContinue reading “How Do You Use Your Imagination?”

Commencement Speeches

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to listen to commencement speeches. I value words of wisdom and concrete examples of life lessons. Commencement speeches, almost, always, deliver what I value, in abundance. As I have discovered in recent years that I learn new things the fastest and remember themContinue reading “Commencement Speeches”