Stand At A Corner To Look At The World

I stand at a corner in Toronto Chinatown to look at the world. A community used to be populated by Chinese immigrants in the early days has now become one of the most famous local hotspots and tourist-friendly attractions in the city. Diversity is the word that most represents this quarter of the city. PeopleContinue reading “Stand At A Corner To Look At The World”

Pencils In The Sky

I walked by an art school yesterday. I saw two pencils; pointed upwards, draw out a beautiful sunset in the sky. We use arts to express ourselves. We use arts to escape from mundaneness. We use arts to convey our fears. And we use arts to color the world with love. Looking upon the sunsetContinue reading “Pencils In The Sky”

Canadian Winter

Canadian winter is grand. Canadian winter is long. Canadian winter is epic. Not only well known for its bone-chilling effects, Canadian winter is also majestically beautiful. The pure and cotton like snow flakes are the nature’s way to inject a sense of wonder and a touch of magic to the lives of the busy andContinue reading “Canadian Winter”

Un Ange

Je vois un ange jouer dans la neige. Il est petit, mignon, et gai. Comme la neige, l’innocence et la pureté le protègent de la malpropreté du monde de trois dimensions. Dans l’enfance, on avait hâte de s’agrandir, car on ne voulais s’en débarrasser les limites que nous ont imposés les adultes dans notre vie.Continue reading “Un Ange”


We all know that the higher we climb, the more pressure we feel. Despite all the foreseeable discomfort and uneasiness, we still aim for the sky. Why? Is it because we want to demonstrate to the world our determination? Is it because we are taken over by our passion and enthusiasm? Or, is it becauseContinue reading “Upwards”


Étant chasseur du rêve, je le sais bien, si l’esprit de persévérance n’était pas là pour me supporter quand je me bats par l’imprévisibilité dans la vie, je me serais verrouillé éternellement dans la prison du désespoir. Tout au long de notre chasse des rêves, il est inévitable qu’on rencontrera les imprévues. C’est au momentContinue reading “Verrouillé”