Silent Communication

The way we walk, the way we sit, the way we carry ourselves are all indicative of the amount of confidence that we have on the inside. First impression is the first communication that we have with each other. Although it is non-verbal in most cases; however, we can learn a lot about each otherContinue reading “Silent Communication”


We all have a cycle, where our luck is on the way up and a cycle, where our luck is on the way down. This is not a superstitious exaggeration, but rather a way of life. In this year of the goat, many will have to overcome obstacles that they didn’t foresee, while others willContinue reading “Goat”


Mobility is one thing that pretty much all human beings crave for. For many, a beautiful car is synonymous with the ultimate mobility. I like cars but am not crazy about them. From a child, who would vomit incessantly the moment I sniffed the air of the interior of a car to an adult, whoContinue reading “Mobility”

A German Bear

It is interesting how an animal is picked as the mascot of a particular group or nation. Dragon, panda and phoenix are the conventional choices for Chinese, while the eagle is the one for the American。What’s the reason behind choosing a bear to be the mascot of German Consulate in Toronto? I wonder.

Next To Each Other

I am next to you. You are next to me. You might be reminiscing about a memorable yesterday. I might be dreaming of an unknown future. Passerby looks at us and thinks that we are alike. The truth of the matter is that we are not. Although we do bear some physical resemblances; however, ourContinue reading “Next To Each Other”