Dirty Laundry

I wish that I could be kind and sweet at all time, but I am not. I can be judgmental, critical, and egotistic at certain time of the day. I used to and, still, fight it so hard against these negative emotions; that being said, I have learned to embrace and accept them, because IContinue reading “Dirty Laundry”


What is your nature? Decent, good and one of a kind? What is my nature? I would say that generous, timid and sensitive. Mother Nature is all those things and more, because Mother Nature is all encompassing and omnipresent.  Mother Nature is never stagnant. She is always changing. Does this fundamental truth also suggest thatContinue reading “Nature”


Boys talk about girls. Girls talk about boys. Boys talk about boys. Girls talk about girls. Human sexual attraction is natural. Using human sexual attraction as a joke material to lighten up the room is culturally acceptable. That being said, if every other sentence of ours is about how to hook up, where to pickContinue reading “One-dimensional”

Self-contradictory Statement

Is opinion or inner thought a form of judgment? Yes, it is. Quite often, we hear people say things that contradict themselves, “I don’t want to judge, but this is what I think…” In giving our opinion, we make our judgment public. We filter our thoughts on the external world and events through the prismContinue reading “Self-contradictory Statement”