Playing The Comparison Game

Recently, I had a conversation with my mom, during which I let her know the education system and societal environment that I grew up in deprived me a sense of free-spiritedness. It was a difficult yet honest confession that was needed at the time to bring new understandings into our distant relationship. Throughout my growingContinue reading “Playing The Comparison Game”

Engaging The Audience With Our Eyes

One of the factors that most frightens people when it comes to public speaking is eye contact. Speaking from my personal observation, using our eyes to engage and interact with the audience is just as important as having effective hand gestures. Speaking in front of a group of people, having an engaging eye contact isContinue reading “Engaging The Audience With Our Eyes”

Move Your Body

As I’ve learned from my weight loss journey, physical exercises and predominantly green-based diets are the ultimate way to maintain not only a desirable physical appearance, but also a confident inner state in the long run. Wishful thinking won’t do a thing. Commercial statement, such as “I can wear this belt all day and won’tContinue reading “Move Your Body”


We all have a cycle, where our luck is on the way up and a cycle, where our luck is on the way down. This is not a superstitious exaggeration, but rather a way of life. In this year of the goat, many will have to overcome obstacles that they didn’t foresee, while others willContinue reading “Goat”

Fight Against The Winter Blue

Living in a cold climate, it’s easy for me to catch people’s noticeable changes in behaviors as the season transitions from warm to cold. The typical winter day can either be gloomy and wet or sunny and cold. In a particular Canadian winter, where months of snow are always expected to make their free fall,Continue reading “Fight Against The Winter Blue”

How To Stop Having Pity Holiday Weight Talk In 2015

We are just a few days away before the start of a brand new year. With the arrival of a brand new start comes with the inevitable, repetitive, age-old worry, how to lose the holiday weight. Today is December 25th, 2014, a somewhat quiet Christmas morning at the gym. From what I’ve observed, the numberContinue reading “How To Stop Having Pity Holiday Weight Talk In 2015”


Every one of us talks about self-discipline, because we understand the correlation between self-discipline and success. Talking about self-discipline is one thing; practicing self-discipline is a tougher ball game to play. The reason why many among us fail in our own pursuit of this admirable trait is that we often time pick an experiment thatContinue reading “Self-discipline”

Switching Diet Takes More Than Personal Commitment

Switching to a healthy diet isn’t easy. Not only does it require one’s commitment and willingness to change, but it also takes a collective and cooperative effort to make it a success if we are living under one roof with our family. Humans are habitual creatures. When we are used to certain type of routine,Continue reading “Switching Diet Takes More Than Personal Commitment”