Hollywood Aura

A stranger tapped me on the shoulder in the subway station this morning. I did not know him. He was someone with some disabilities in verbal communication and physical mobility. I turned around to look at his face for a second, I promptly said, “Hello!” then quickly wanted to move on. He tapped me onContinue reading “Hollywood Aura”

An Another Fallen Star

Yesterday, another Hollywood star had fallen. Whether we are celebrities or not, when we are recipient of the fame and glory in our respective field of accomplishment, our personal self-worth is conjured up to be the same equivalent of the brightness of our personal star. Nothing lasts forever. This is not a spiritual concept; rather,Continue reading “An Another Fallen Star”

Mixed Messages

Our society is an environment, in which mixed messages are being spread constantly. We tend to criticize one thing and to worship it seconds later. Is this social phenomenon a reflection of our innate human hypocritical nature? Hollywood socialites, the likes of Kim Kardashian, obtain their notoriety through their infamous personal acts by, for example,Continue reading “Mixed Messages”

Another Celebrity Wannabe, Paulina Gretzky

   Another celebrity wannabe, who is trying hard to make a name for herself, by living off her famous last name. If she weren’t born with a famous last name, Gretzky, she’d be just another not bad looking blond girl in a million. Her famous last name has not only given her an easier startContinue reading “Another Celebrity Wannabe, Paulina Gretzky”

Marrying People Sans Fame Is Not A Noble Act

When is it that becoming a celebrity makes a person not ordinary? Why is it that when a famed person marries someone without public recognition makes him or her look extraordinary? Should someone sans fame feel grateful when he or she marries a celebrity, who doesn’t care about his or her ordinariness, and whose actContinue reading “Marrying People Sans Fame Is Not A Noble Act”

The Oscars, A Popularity Contest?

Many Hollywood reporters liken Hollywood to high school. It is an environment, in which mostly superficial popularity prevails. According to a famed Canadian gossip blogger, what’s going on in Hollywood is very much like what’s happening at the lunch hour in a high school cafeteria. Different cliques would get together to gossip on each other.Continue reading “The Oscars, A Popularity Contest?”

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I’m into pop culture. Reading celebrity gossips can, at times, put me under the impression that those rich and famous are leading a happier life than I am. As I become more socially aware, I am made to realize that the perceived “happier life” of those rich and famous quite often is no more thanContinue reading “The Best Things In Life Are Free”