Home Sweet Home

Home is warm. It is the place, where everyone feels belonged. Even those, who self-label as not a homebody, can’t resist the coziness of home. As we venture out to experience the world, we can get stuck in a lonely corner on the planet, far away from home. The brightly lit home of others’ makesContinue reading “Home Sweet Home”

A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution

Ever wonder why some of your new year’s resolution didn’t work in the past? Here might be the reason. According to author, Gerry Gavin, our brain, the master computer of our body, works within a different concept of time than our thoughts do. Our thoughts and brain are not the same. Thoughts are part ofContinue reading “A Different Take On New Year’s Resolution”

Candle Luster

Candles don’t lose their luster by lighting other candles. In this holiday season, you will likely come across many beautifully lit and wonderfully smelled candles. Have you noticed one thing about candles? They don’t lose their luster by lighting other candles. This is a gentle reminder to all of us the importance of sharing generouslyContinue reading “Candle Luster”