I Can Not Change My Past

The person that I am today is not the same as the one from a few years ago. I often wish that I could turn back time to rewrite my personal histories. Knowing what I am capable of nowadays makes this particular desire of mine even stronger. I wonder how different my life would haveContinue reading “I Can Not Change My Past”

Throw Back Thursday

Thursday is a day, where many people, who live online, like to look back on their past. Hence why Throw Back Thursday has become such a popular hashtag on this particular day. If you were to look back on what has come to pass today, what would be the one thing, one trait, or oneContinue reading “Throw Back Thursday”

Thinking Of You

Who are you thinking of today? For many aboriginal people in Canada, they are thinking of their missing daughters. Reports on missing aboriginal women in Canada are so frequent lately that it seems almost impossible not to be angered by this sad and frustrating reality, and be confronted with the emotional turmoil that so manyContinue reading “Thinking Of You”