A Dancing Robot

What is art? Art is a form of self-expression-a visual representation of one’s deepest thoughts and idiosyncrasies. Some judge their own artistic self-expression high culture and others’ low culture against established standards. To me though, as long as an artwork is carefully crafted, whose presence arouses a certain je ne sais quoi in me, theContinue reading “A Dancing Robot”

Needed Distance

Distance engenders sadness; yet, it can also create a sense of mystic that’s much needed in any type of relationship. Being open to others about either who we are or what we are after is said to be the way; just like many things that sound good in theory but prove to be impractical inContinue reading “Needed Distance”

A Separation of Aspiration and Reality

Internet is a no man’s land. It can also be a landscape, in which accidental connection can be established and miraculous bond can be built. people seek connection, and understanding more than ever in today’s world, where the entanglement of technological wires can leave us distracted, lead us astray, and where a split of secondsContinue reading “A Separation of Aspiration and Reality”

The Biggest Challenge In Adulthood

We are in the beginning of August; a time, where countless people are still enjoying their summer time off. Having not had a real vacation for a long time, I have almost forgotten what is like to be fully soaked up in the summer vibe, worry free. I have tried hard to soak up theContinue reading “The Biggest Challenge In Adulthood”

Money Can’t Buy Everything

Each setback in life is supposed to teach us a lesson. What I have learned from my current situation is that though money can buy many things; however, it can’t always buy genuine and real happiness. Genuine and real happiness resides in the heart, a priceless commodity that can only be produced by the deepContinue reading “Money Can’t Buy Everything”

A Smile In The Neighborhood

It was a chaotic scene in Yorkville today. An old building, which had witnessed the evolution of Toronto, through the decades, was being torn down. Walking in the neighborhood, tension, frustration, and impatience could easily be felt in the air. As I continued with my stroll, I noticed a smiley face across the street. ItContinue reading “A Smile In The Neighborhood”