A Locked Gateway

I found a gateway to meet the angel up in the sky. Unfortunately, the entrance was locked. I intended to climb over the sharp tip fence then decided not to, because it was a dangerous thing to do. In this big big world, we all long for protection and assistance. When we are charting ourContinue reading “A Locked Gateway”

Too Many Icons And Heroes

There are way too many icons and heroes in today’s world. Why? Because people throw around these esteemed titles so easily these days that any one, who’s got the financial backing to hire a stylist can be labeled as a fashion icon, and any parent, who’s got three kids to take care of while jugglingContinue reading “Too Many Icons And Heroes”

Sexual Consent

Canadian national debate on the issues of sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual consent is very much in the front and centre these days. Fallout from the disgraced Canadian radio personality Jian Ghomeshi’s sex scandal has galvanized the entire country. As pointed out just yesterday on a Canadian talk show, a student from Harvard UniversityContinue reading “Sexual Consent”

Parents, Who Choose Not To Say, ” You Are Beautiful!”

Many of us long for someone that we love dearly to tell us, ” You are so beautiful!” In fact, the most preferred choice of that special someone can be either one of our parents, because they are the two people, with whom we have the tightest bond and the closest relationship in our lives.Continue reading “Parents, Who Choose Not To Say, ” You Are Beautiful!””

Honesty Between Parents And A Child

Is honesty the best policy in between a child and his parents? In childhood, I believe that it is. In adulthood, I doubt it. As a child, we were constantly learning. Like a sponge, we absorbed everything that our parents taught us. We took our parents’ teachings as gospels that not a single word spokenContinue reading “Honesty Between Parents And A Child”

French Word Of The Day: Enceinte

Learning French isn’t easy! Here’s why: Example: Enceinte Noun: 1) Surrounding wall (Architecture); 2) Enclosure (Architecture); 3) Speaker (Stereo). Adjective: Pregnant.

Stuck In A Limbo

When we want a particular thing so bad, we are willing to risk everything for it to come to fruition. Our desire to desperately make it a reality can put us into a limbo, where, at times, we feel like we would be stuck in the muddy situation for eternity. The pain, caused by theContinue reading “Stuck In A Limbo”