Life’s Q & A

What’s life? Is life all about rain and sunshine? What’s life? Is life all made up of the tangible and its intangible nemesis? What’s life? Is life all about living one’s own truth, while, simultaneously, doing one’s best to abide the rules set by others? What’s life? Is life all about counting the decades whileContinue reading “Life’s Q & A”

My Sense Of Luxury

I was watching JacksGap videos on a Boxing Day morning in Toronto. Jack Harries’ well-produced traveling vlogs really intrigued me. From Europe to Asia, from Asia to North America, his personal traveling video diaries made me really want to be a part of his globe-trotting entourage. A sense of genuine admiration was awakened in meContinue reading “My Sense Of Luxury”

Faces In A Picture

Isn’t it too honest to admit that time and distance have the power to transform a group of family members into a bunch of strangers? My immediate family members are on a family holiday somewhere in Asia. One of them sent me a group shot of all of them, taken at a well-know tourist attractionContinue reading “Faces In A Picture”

No Longer Wanting To Be Under One Roof

I miss my family. I miss the time, when I could be comforted and assured simply by the presence of my family. Now, almost a decade has passed since I last felt their physical presence, I have changed a lot. Although I still miss them dearly, however, I am no longer that boy, who wantedContinue reading “No Longer Wanting To Be Under One Roof”

Little Did I Know Until Now

Some people like to focus on the positivity, while some like to focus on the negativity. Some treat everyone they meet with the basic human courtesy and respect, while some don’t give a damn about how people, with whom they cross path, feel about their inconsiderate action and unwelcoming presence. To them, as long asContinue reading “Little Did I Know Until Now”

Se Relever

Years ago when I first started to learn French, my vocabularies were so limited that I wasn’t able to read or comprehend anything written in length. Despite the obstacle, my desire to read in French was so strong that I just didn’t want to give upon it. One day, while wandering in the campus bookstore,Continue reading “Se Relever”

Let Go & Refocus

When we are not feeling at our best, admittedly or not, we have a strange tendency to use every opportunity there is available to make us even more irritated and angrier. Surprise? Not really! The sight of a pair of kissing lovers annoys us; the blinding flash of the exterior of a fancy car irritatesContinue reading “Let Go & Refocus”