Moodiness Of Life

Does future seem less intimidating to us once one of our worst nightmares has been realized? Do we become more brave as a result of our being pushed to confront one of the worst case scenarios that life unveils to us? I think so. We become more courageous to put up with the moodiness ofContinue reading “Moodiness Of Life”

A Forced Future

What is a forced future? A forced future is a future that is imposed upon us either by destiny; elements that are just simply out of our control or by people that we encounter in our lives, who have the foresight, resources, or power that we do not possess to influence, and subsequently determine theContinue reading “A Forced Future”

Don’t Be Rooted In The Past

Don’t be rooted in the past, but be grounded in the past. I like the word, nostalgia. In fact, I first learned this word while browsing through school French vocabularies. The word, nostalgia, is beautiful, just like the meaning that it is intended to convey. We tend to hold onto anything that’s beautiful. Hence whyContinue reading “Don’t Be Rooted In The Past”

An Actor In Life

How to be an actor in one’s life? This is a question that some of us have been contemplating for a long time. Life is an illusion. Does it imply that we have to take on different roles accordingly, depending on the circumstances, like an actor, in order to live satisfactorily in this elusively dreamyContinue reading “An Actor In Life”