Waiting Patiently

A friend is someone, who not only knows how to receive, but also remembers how to give. A good friend is someone, who not only respects the reciprocal nature of a relationship, but also understands the impact of the expression of gratitude, such as thank you. I have had so many, so called “friends”, whoContinue reading “Waiting Patiently”

A Season Or A Lifetime

Some people come into our lives to stay for a season, while others for a lifetime. It is difficult to predict the duration of a relationship. When everything is fresh and new, it seems that a friend, a lover, a partner, and a spouse are all here to play and stay forever. As time passes,Continue reading “A Season Or A Lifetime”


We meet countless people everyday. We smile at some. We shake hand with some. We become angry at some. We stay away from some. It is revelatory to learn just how important interpersonal chemistry is when it comes to our relationships. We seek familiarities in strangers, the abundance of which gives birth to friendships andContinue reading “Chemistry”

Why Did I Even Care

As I look back on our younger years, I tend to wonder why I gave a damn on certain people and experiences in my life. Why did I try so hard to please that particular person, knowing well at the back of my head that we didn’t have the chemistry to be friends? Why didContinue reading “Why Did I Even Care”

Three Pillars

We cross path with many people every single day. Majority of them, we will never get to find out who they are, where they are headed, and what they are up to. Once in a while, life brings us to meet a few lovely souls, whose sincerity intrigues us. We become connected. We become friends.Continue reading “Three Pillars”

Personal Vibe

There are billions of people on this planet Earth. Why is it that we wish that we could be friends with certain individuals, even when we don’t know them in real life, and can’t wait to get away from others, with whom we are already acquainted? We all give out a personal vibe, which comesContinue reading “Personal Vibe”

One-sided Kindness

The moment when we start to feel obligated to do things that we are not obligated to for someone else, is this the right time to stop doing it? In life, we, at times, feel compelled to assist others in certain endeavor, because we, ourselves, have personally experienced its various life-improving benefits and hence wouldContinue reading “One-sided Kindness”

Qui Vous Entoure

On m’a toujours dit que tout le monde se ressemble aux cinq personnes, qui se retrouvent dans sa propre proximité. J’y crois, car je l’ai marqué auparavant. Étant être humain, nous voulons tous se faire partie d’une communauté, car on désire naturellement un sentiment appartenant. En s’immergeant à un endroit particulier, inévitablement, on se veutContinue reading “Qui Vous Entoure”

Friends, Who Are Gone

I remember an old Chinese saying; “There is always an end to every banquet.” In other words, as painful as it can be, nothing lasts forever. Holding on to something that is not meant to last can only cause us additional stress and frustration. People come into our lives to serve a purpose. Once thatContinue reading “Friends, Who Are Gone”

Un Rêve Irréaliste

Il y a toute sorte de gens dans le monde. Bien que je veuille faire des amis avec toutes et tous, je me suis rendu compte qu’il est un rêve irréaliste. Il y en a toujours ceux et celle, qui donnent une aura froide. Si je ne m’initiais pas à les engager dans une conversation,Continue reading “Un Rêve Irréaliste”