I just saw a picture on Facebook. It featured an acquaintance of mine and his French bulldog puppy. He looked so happy in the picture, while the puppy came across as somewhat mischievous. I guess all puppies are all mischievous, to a certain degree, because they are not yet fully trained to follow the rulesContinue reading “BFF”

A Season Or A Lifetime

Some people come into our lives to stay for a season, while others for a lifetime. It is difficult to predict the duration of a relationship. When everything is fresh and new, it seems that a friend, a lover, a partner, and a spouse are all here to play and stay forever. As time passes,Continue reading “A Season Or A Lifetime”

A Change Of Belief In Helping People, Who Lack Courtesy

Should we continue to help people, who rarely or never express any gratitude towards us for what we have done for them? I used to think that despite the lack of gratitude being shown, if we could, we should continue to help those in need. Now, I no longer uphold this belief in its entirety,Continue reading “A Change Of Belief In Helping People, Who Lack Courtesy”

Il N’y Avait Qu’une Amie

Il n’y avait qu’une fois, j’avais une amie dans ma vie, qui m’a dit souvent quel chanceux j’étais de l’avoir comme une amie. Dans ses propres mots, “T’as la chance de t’acoquiner avec moi.” À cette époque là, je n’avais besoin d’avouer que me sentir un peu fier d’être son ami, à cause du faitContinue reading “Il N’y Avait Qu’une Amie”

Say No To Naysayers

Throughout my life, I have encountered so many naysayers. In front of them, things that get me excited and looking forward to a brighter future, my aspirations, can easily get shut down by their words of disapproval. My experiences in dealing with naysayers have taught me many things. One, in particular, that the act ofContinue reading “Say No To Naysayers”

Qui Vous Entoure

On m’a toujours dit que tout le monde se ressemble aux cinq personnes, qui se retrouvent dans sa propre proximité. J’y crois, car je l’ai marqué auparavant. Étant être humain, nous voulons tous se faire partie d’une communauté, car on désire naturellement un sentiment appartenant. En s’immergeant à un endroit particulier, inévitablement, on se veutContinue reading “Qui Vous Entoure”

Friends, Who Are Gone

I remember an old Chinese saying; “There is always an end to every banquet.” In other words, as painful as it can be, nothing lasts forever. Holding on to something that is not meant to last can only cause us additional stress and frustration. People come into our lives to serve a purpose. Once thatContinue reading “Friends, Who Are Gone”

Once Good Friends, Now Strangers

I’ve been contemplating the reason why some of the people, who were once considered to be my good friends, are no longer by my side. Some of them were like big sisters to me. Some of them were like big brothers to me. They no longer are. I once had a “big sister”, who wasContinue reading “Once Good Friends, Now Strangers”

Accolades Vs. Character

When you meet someone new, do you want to know about his or her accolades first, or, about his or her character? I prefer knowing that person’s character first, while my family members love bombarding me with a list of accolades of that person. I find that knowing someone else’s accolades before understanding what kindContinue reading “Accolades Vs. Character”

Being You Is Simple

Being you is simple. Although it is simple; however, being you requires more than just the talking. It also needs the doing. In my opinion, being you is about talking about your passion openly, and putting it into practice consistently. It is through talking about your passion that you let others know who you are.Continue reading “Being You Is Simple”