Get The Body Moving

Nothing comes easy in this world. One way or another, we have to work for the things that we want. Among all the things that we go after, physical fitness is one of the most desirable. I’m tired of listening to all the commercials that promote unsustainable methods to obtain personal fitness. Commercial statements, suchContinue reading “Get The Body Moving”

Rushing Isn’t The Best Time-saving Tactic

I was in my gym at about lunch hour this afternoon. This is usually one of the busiest periods of the day. Many people, who work in nearby buildings would come and try to squeeze half an hour of workout time into their schedules. Next to my own locker, I noticed a man, who wasContinue reading “Rushing Isn’t The Best Time-saving Tactic”

How To Stop Having Pity Holiday Weight Talk In 2015

We are just a few days away before the start of a brand new year. With the arrival of a brand new start comes with the inevitable, repetitive, age-old worry, how to lose the holiday weight. Today is December 25th, 2014, a somewhat quiet Christmas morning at the gym. From what I’ve observed, the numberContinue reading “How To Stop Having Pity Holiday Weight Talk In 2015”

Propel Forward

Exercising not only helps us develop and strengthen our physical endurance, but also; more importantly, it helps us balance out our internal emotion and toughen up our psychological muscles. When we are in a bad mood, instead of turning to alcohols, cigarettes or other addictive substances for rescue, we should get our body out ofContinue reading “Propel Forward”