Perceptions, Not Facts

Is first impression everything? Yes, it pretty much is in this era, because first impression; or rather, others’ perception of us, can either help us start a career or make us become the face of stereotypes that are narrow-mindedly fabricated on the basis of our ethnicity, gender, class, or other variables. People do not likeContinue reading “Perceptions, Not Facts”

Silent Communication

The way we walk, the way we sit, the way we carry ourselves are all indicative of the amount of confidence that we have on the inside. First impression is the first communication that we have with each other. Although it is non-verbal in most cases; however, we can learn a lot about each otherContinue reading “Silent Communication”

Second Impression

First impression is important. Sure! What about the second impression? People can’t show us all that they are entirely at one time. What if people fail to show the best side of themselves the first time, due to a variety of reasons, should we never change our first impression of them ever again, even ifContinue reading “Second Impression”