What attracts our attention? What is it about a particular object or person that has the power to stir up our interest? There are so many answers to these types of questions. Oftentimes, it is the feeling that we develop in establishing a connection, unexpectedly, with a random object or with a stranger that makesContinue reading “Attract”

I’m Doing Okay

Does what we say honestly reflect how we feel on the inside? As a kid, I was taught to greet strangers with “How do you do?” and friends with “How are you?” Nowadays, no longer do we have a clear distinction between the usage of these two expressions, both of which are meant to seekContinue reading “I’m Doing Okay”

Boys Don’t Cry…Really?

I bet it differs! The first thing that we all do after our birth is crying. Whether you are a born female or male, crying comes naturally to us. It is just a way, in which our emotion gets expressed and energy gets released. How come boys don’t usually cry? Our social cultures prohibit boysContinue reading “Boys Don’t Cry…Really?”