Early Morning Thought

Creating a family isn’t easy. Maintaining it is even harder. Maneuvering family dynamics is not a child’s play; as a matter of fact, the longer I live with my own, understanding its embedded dynamics, the more I feel like there’s a mandatory course needed in every school to teach all members of the society howContinue reading “Early Morning Thought”

Life’s Q & A

What’s life? Is life all about rain and sunshine? What’s life? Is life all made up of the tangible and its intangible nemesis? What’s life? Is life all about living one’s own truth, while, simultaneously, doing one’s best to abide the rules set by others? What’s life? Is life all about counting the decades whileContinue reading “Life’s Q & A”

Family Drama

Not only is family a place, where love fest takes place, it can also be a hub, in which dramas escalate and hatreds spread in silence. The multi-layered complexity, which exists in a familial environment, can never be underestimated and ignored, even if we want to, because the cliché solution, such as ignorance is bliss,Continue reading “Family Drama”

Family Estrangement

As an adult, many concepts that once seemed too elusive to relate to have become the bits and pieces that make up my daily life. Love is no longer an unchanged paradise that I once dreamed of; money is no longer the ultimate key to access the secret room of a happy heart that IContinue reading “Family Estrangement”

Innocently Dumb

I am currently working for a particular thing that many people on this planet Earth will never ever have to sweat a tear for in their lifetime. I work for it, because I have been dreaming about possessing it since my childhood. I want it, because I feel at home when I am soaked upContinue reading “Innocently Dumb”

Should I Learn To Swear?

I have never been fond of using curse words to vent my negative emotions, because I find this type of self-expression to be indicative of bad manner. My family upbringing has wired me to consider those, who need to resort to use curse words to express their anger and frustration as uneducated; an unfair portrayalContinue reading “Should I Learn To Swear?”

My Sense Of Luxury

I was watching JacksGap videos on a Boxing Day morning in Toronto. Jack Harries’ well-produced traveling vlogs really intrigued me. From Europe to Asia, from Asia to North America, his personal traveling video diaries made me really want to be a part of his globe-trotting entourage. A sense of genuine admiration was awakened in meContinue reading “My Sense Of Luxury”

Mind Your Own Business

We all know that what other people choose to do with their lives is none of our business; that being said, is it solely our own wrongdoing if we decide to pass our personal judgment onto others? We were raised to compare ourselves to someone, who might be perceived by our parents and society atContinue reading “Mind Your Own Business”