Se Relever

Years ago when I first started to learn French, my vocabularies were so limited that I wasn’t able to read or comprehend anything written in length. Despite the obstacle, my desire to read in French was so strong that I just didn’t want to give upon it. One day, while wandering in the campus bookstore,Continue reading “Se Relever”

I Failed At Something Today, Again!

I failed at something today, something that I loved so much. It wasn’t the first time that I failed at doing this thing. It wasn’t the second time that I failed at it. It was the fourth time. Some, in my predicament, would have given up this seemingly unattainable goal. I, on the other hand,Continue reading “I Failed At Something Today, Again!”

Accomplissements Ou Défaites Personelles?

Si vous aviez la chance de vous présenter dans un discours publique, parleriez vous des accomplissements ou des défaites personnelles? La majorité des gens choisiront les moments, qui ont fait leur vie briller; autrement dit, les accomplissements personnels. Il n’y a sûrement aucun problème de se vanter, les récompenses de tous les efforts; cela dit,Continue reading “Accomplissements Ou Défaites Personelles?”

Words Of Wisdom By Jason Dorsey

“Being public about our setbacks, failures and uppercuts to the chin makes us real. Sharing our mistakes and insecurities helps people to identify with us and feel more connected. Anyone can boast about success. It takes candid courage to publicly share the tough times between your high points, the less-than-stellar experiences that made you whoContinue reading “Words Of Wisdom By Jason Dorsey”

Learning From Failure

Failure, why are most of us so afraid of it? We are afraid of it because we don’t want to feel embarrassed; we are afraid of it because we are brainwashed into thinking that whoever fails in life is a lazy loser; and we are afraid of it because we have yet to fully realizeContinue reading “Learning From Failure”

Commencement Speeches

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is to listen to commencement speeches. I value words of wisdom and concrete examples of life lessons. Commencement speeches, almost, always, deliver what I value, in abundance. As I have discovered in recent years that I learn new things the fastest and remember themContinue reading “Commencement Speeches”