Une Boîte Catégorisée

Le français, le canadien, le chinois, qui suis-je? On m’a dit qu’il n’y avait pas de besoin de se mettre dans une boîte catégorisée; après tout, personne n’a qu’une seule dimension. Le fait est que la vie est plus facile à vivre si on pouvait se retrouver dans une place à laquelle on s’appartient.

Playing The Comparison Game

Recently, I had a conversation with my mom, during which I let her know the education system and societal environment that I grew up in deprived me a sense of free-spiritedness. It was a difficult yet honest confession that was needed at the time to bring new understandings into our distant relationship. Throughout my growingContinue reading “Playing The Comparison Game”

My Thought For Today

I woke up this morning and told myself to believe that everything would work out in my favor. It was a blind faith that I felt the need to hold on to. It was a leap of faith that I needed to take. I have done many things out of blind faith in my life.Continue reading “My Thought For Today”


Are you on social medias? Do you do Throw Back Thursday or Flash Back Friday regularly? If you do, I am curious to know what prompted you to partake in your first ever throwback on social medias. What are your reasons? For me, it was a mixed bowl of feelings, such as nostalgia, excitement, curiosity,Continue reading “TBT & FBF”

The Man In The Corner

I walk past him five days a week. He is always there, curling up in a corner on the inside of a subway entrance. He has messy long hair, a beardy face, and shivers slightly in the winter breeze. Extending his arm with an empty coffee cup in his hand seems like the only constantContinue reading “The Man In The Corner”

Blown In The Headless Wind

Before moving to a new country in 2000, I knew that year’s Lunar New Year would be the last one in my teens that I got to spend with my family. After settling into a new culture, my desire of not wanting to be singled out as an outsider forced me into doing things thatContinue reading “Blown In The Headless Wind”

Donner Baiser Aux Grenouilles

J’ai croisé une madame d’hier, celle que je n’ai pas vue depuis un certain temps. Il n’était qu’une rencontre imprévisible. Je me promenais dans la rue. Elle se dirigeait vers la opposite direction. Au certain point, on s’identifiait, ce n’était ainsi qu’on s’engage dans une brève conversation. Je lui demandais pourquoi elle avait été absenteContinue reading “Donner Baiser Aux Grenouilles”

Canada Life

Living a Canada Life isn’t all laughs and roses. Living a Canada Life isn’t all cheerful and happy. The dark clouds still linger. The thick fogs still envelop. All in the attempt to test us just how much we want to live a life that is wild and free.

Let Our Guard Down

Let our guard down to welcome in the world. Oftentimes, it is not case that strangers are cold-blooded individuals. The reason why we have this impression that they are is because that we view our surrounding and people in it through a pair of critical and judgmental lenses. We guard ourselves up so tightly withContinue reading “Let Our Guard Down”