Continuing To Be A Dream Chaser

I chase my Canadian dream relentlessly, because the fighting spirit, an elusive commodity, which can only be truly obtained through physical labor, whose preciousness can never be precisely equated with monetary values, energizes me profoundly. Once self-considered to be one of those, who would comfortably reside in his world of familiarity for this lifetime, myContinue reading “Continuing To Be A Dream Chaser”

A New Chapter (May 16, 2016)

On May 15, 2016, a lengthy and an emotionally tumultuous chapter of my life came to a temporary end. On May 16, 2016, a new one began. Starting anew is never easy, even if it takes place in a country that I once loved. Time and space can, inevitably, rid of our sense of old-timeContinue reading “A New Chapter (May 16, 2016)”

Tag Team Challenge

On any cooking show, tag team task is one of the most challenging. It is challenging because not only do all the team members have to work collaboratively as one entity, but they also need to spot and correct each other’s missteps in times and appropriately, in a pressure cooker environment, so as to preventContinue reading “Tag Team Challenge”

April’s Day

On this April’s day, snowflakes are falling down incessantly. They are like tears of the Mother Nature, lamenting over not only the inescapable passage of time but also the imminent arrival of an unknown start. Starting afresh isn’t like a walk in the park. Starting afresh under a teary sky is even harder-not knowing whatContinue reading “April’s Day”

Les Imprévus

La vie me fatigue avec beaucoup d’imprévus. Oui, on apprend la nécessité de se donner pour réaliser nos rêves; quand même, parfois, j’ai l’impression que tous les efforts qu’on a faits ne soient pas suffisants pour nous rassurer une fin désirée. Je suis rempli d’émotions complexes. Après plus d’une décennie des labours, le rêve leContinue reading “Les Imprévus”

Alternative Masculinity

Conventionally speaking, physical toughness and unemotionality sum up the basic essences of masculinity. This patriarch presupposition that men should always be both of the insider and the leader of a collective group not only denies the wider recognition of the diversity that exists under the conceptual umbrella of what constitutes a manly behavioral codes ofContinue reading “Alternative Masculinity”

Gene Moore & Afterthought On Being Imperfect

Why strive for perfection when being imperfect can galvanize the attention of an entire street? I learned yesterday that Gene Moore, the deceased legendary window display artist, who was instrumental in contributing to the iconic rise of Tiffany & Company in contemporary pop culture, broke the mode of his time, once he took over theContinue reading “Gene Moore & Afterthought On Being Imperfect”


I just saw a picture on Facebook. It featured an acquaintance of mine and his French bulldog puppy. He looked so happy in the picture, while the puppy came across as somewhat mischievous. I guess all puppies are all mischievous, to a certain degree, because they are not yet fully trained to follow the rulesContinue reading “BFF”

Innocently Dumb

I am currently working for a particular thing that many people on this planet Earth will never ever have to sweat a tear for in their lifetime. I work for it, because I have been dreaming about possessing it since my childhood. I want it, because I feel at home when I am soaked upContinue reading “Innocently Dumb”

Un Tir À La Corde

Je m’implique dans un tir à la corde sans cesse. Bien qu’il se favorise davantage au côté de mes opposants, et bien que je sois destiné à me perdre à la fin, j’essaie quand même de me lever des désespoirs et des déconvenues, en marchant difficilement à l’avant. Est-il utile de se planifier? J’en doute,Continue reading “Un Tir À La Corde”