Gosh, I Thought That You Would Be Taller

“Gosh, I thought that you would be taller, because your parents are tall.” I heard this statement a lot. Like I have a say in determining how tall I would grow up to be. My family members used to blame me for my lack of expected height for my decision to go on diet. IContinue reading “Gosh, I Thought That You Would Be Taller”

Getting In Touch With Sorrow Is Not A Waste Of Time

The most priceless commodity in the universe is time. No amount of money and plastic surgery can permanently turn back the hands of time. In the opinion of many, the way to truly appreciate this priceless commodity is to live it to the fullest by filling every of its second with only the happy andContinue reading “Getting In Touch With Sorrow Is Not A Waste Of Time”

I Have Been Expecting You

For as long as I can remember, it is said to be normal for parents to teach their kids to set expectations, and for them to have expectations from their kids. Parents not only do let their kids know clearly what those expectations are in detail, but they also remind their kids of those expectationsContinue reading “I Have Been Expecting You”

Basic Social Courtesy

In public, most of us expect basic social courtesy to be shown to us. Holding the door for the person behind, and standing to the right on the escalator so that those, who are in a hurry have room to walk by are just some of the courteous behaviors that we judge strangers by. AlthoughContinue reading “Basic Social Courtesy”

Be Free From The Gender Binary Restrictions

“Do you like songs by Backstreet Boys?” “Do you enjoy practicing yoga?” These are the two questions that females anywhere will have no difficulty answering. If they were posed to North American men, the reaction might be different. Although they may enjoy Backstreet boys songs and practice yoga as much as their women do; however,Continue reading “Be Free From The Gender Binary Restrictions”

Expectation Of Serving Others

When we have the heart to serve others, should we ever have the expectation to be served? This is a question that I have been pondering for quite some time. Obviously, depending on persons, to whom this question is posed, the answer can vary. Helping others without any expectation of receiving is undoubtedly a mostContinue reading “Expectation Of Serving Others”

Other People’s Expectations

Once I heard from a female talk show host, who said, “women don’t dress for men, but for other women.” Implication of her statement can either be women tend to have a better taste in fashion than men do, which I don’t agree with completely; or in order to impress others and to feel celebrated,Continue reading “Other People’s Expectations”