Get The Body Moving

Nothing comes easy in this world. One way or another, we have to work for the things that we want. Among all the things that we go after, physical fitness is one of the most desirable. I’m tired of listening to all the commercials that promote unsustainable methods to obtain personal fitness. Commercial statements, suchContinue reading “Get The Body Moving”

How To Stop Having Pity Holiday Weight Talk In 2015

We are just a few days away before the start of a brand new year. With the arrival of a brand new start comes with the inevitable, repetitive, age-old worry, how to lose the holiday weight. Today is December 25th, 2014, a somewhat quiet Christmas morning at the gym. From what I’ve observed, the numberContinue reading “How To Stop Having Pity Holiday Weight Talk In 2015”

Value & Importance Of The Goal-achieving Process

As I am striding up and down on the stair master machine, I am reminded, again, of the value and the importance of the goal-achieving process. What makes the process memorable is the amount of consistency that we need to be committed to in taking those long steps in order to arrive at the finalContinue reading “Value & Importance Of The Goal-achieving Process”

Weekend Early Morning Walk

Early morning walk around the city over the weekend is the best. The city streets are clean and wide, quiet and uncluttered, it is the best time to self-replenish some energy, while getting in some physical workout. I came across these beautiful faces, planted in different public pots across the city, along my route. SpringContinue reading “Weekend Early Morning Walk”