What Do You Do

When you meet someone new for the first time, do you feel the desire to find out what that person does professionally? When you are introduced to someone new for the first time, do you feel obliged to disclose what you do as a career? For some, what they do as a profession defines them,Continue reading “What Do You Do”

Personal Beliefs & Professional Accomplishments

Can you separate a person’s beliefs from his or her professional accomplishments? Many people may say yes upon hearing the idea, because personal beliefs and professional accomplishments seemingly come across as two separate entities. A professional accomplishment is usually built on one’s vision, perseverance, and hard work; three personal traits that we are all aspiredContinue reading “Personal Beliefs & Professional Accomplishments”

The Reason Why

It seems like everywhere I go in Toronto, unintentionally, I can always catch a glimpse of the silhouette of the CN Tower. Although it is no longer the world’s tallest tower; however, it remains an emblem of the great city of Toronto. In this great city of Toronto, the pace of living is rather fast.Continue reading “The Reason Why”

A Cookie

Holidays are for indulgence. It’s hard not to indulge a little bit more when our home is decked out in all kinds of deliciousness. One of my all-time favorite treats is shortbread cookie. I surely had indulged in it quite a bit over this past holiday season. Aside from the taste and the texture, whatContinue reading “A Cookie”