Empowering Women By Objectifying Men?

Are we, human beings, inherently hypocritical? Do we all verbalize one thing to solicit public admiration, while doing and believing in the exact opposite in our core? Although I wouldn’t use the word, hypocrite, to label all of us; however, I do think that we are all conditioned to self-contradict to various degrees. Politicians doContinue reading “Empowering Women By Objectifying Men?”

Make A Wish

Our personal preferences are all somewhat alike and somewhat different. We distance ourselves from the kind of people that we don’t have any interest in, because we don’t want to “waste” our precious time. Although we all have the rights to not “waste” our previous time on people that we are not into; however, weContinue reading “Make A Wish”

Where Is The Equality? Where Is The Support?

There are people with different colors of skin complexion in this world. Having been living in multicultural city for more than a decade, I truly believe that the longer we know a person, the easier it is for us to see that person, who he or she is; also, the faster it is for usContinue reading “Where Is The Equality? Where Is The Support?”

Sexism Today

When we watch certain TV programs, especially those ones that fall into the genre of talk show, or panel debate focused on politically and economically related issues, it’s inevitable for us to assume that whoever hosts the show is more cultivated and better educated than us, the TV watchers, because he or she is givenContinue reading “Sexism Today”


Stereotypes can be so misleading. Stereotypes are never a just representation of any culture. By acting out or verbalizing stereotypes, what gets revealed is not the truth of the target; rather, the ignorance and limited worldview of the people, who are doing the stereotyping.