Growing Out Of It

I watch youtube videos. I, in particular, enjoy watching vlog, which is a type of homemade video that compiles bits and pieces of life that belongs to the videographer. The reason why I watch vlogs not only is because of my curiosity in the unknown, but I also am interested in a level of realnessContinue reading “Growing Out Of It”

Le Divertissement

Le divertissement se serve comme un outil efficace pour les gens, qui désirent s’amuser et s’apprendre. Malheureusement, en étant un moyen visuel et auditive dont l’influence puissant atteint les billions, certains actes irrespectueux, tels que siffler aux femmes, ou faire revivre les stéréotypes raciales, sont présentés souvent sous prétexte des valeurs divertissantes. Je suis sûrContinue reading “Le Divertissement”

The Oscars, A Popularity Contest?

Many Hollywood reporters liken Hollywood to high school. It is an environment, in which mostly superficial popularity prevails. According to a famed Canadian gossip blogger, what’s going on in Hollywood is very much like what’s happening at the lunch hour in a high school cafeteria. Different cliques would get together to gossip on each other.Continue reading “The Oscars, A Popularity Contest?”

The Best Things In Life Are Free

I’m into pop culture. Reading celebrity gossips can, at times, put me under the impression that those rich and famous are leading a happier life than I am. As I become more socially aware, I am made to realize that the perceived “happier life” of those rich and famous quite often is no more thanContinue reading “The Best Things In Life Are Free”


Learning comes in many ways. Having been a student since the day of my birth, I’ve found that I learn the fastest and remember the longest when I’m having fun. How can we look for fun in learning? My personal answer is you gotta develop a passion for the subject you are trying to learn.Continue reading “Learning”