Climbing Stairs

We climb stairs everyday. Some of us do it for exercises, while others do it out of necessity and practicality. Looking at the stair-climbing experience through a pair of positive lenses, we understand the health and psychological benefits that come as a reward of staying physically active. Looking at the stair-climbing experience negatively, we can’tContinue reading “Climbing Stairs”

Be Gentle With Yourself

The morning might be a rush, please be gentle with yourself; The competition might be fierce, please be gentle with yourself; You might feel like you have not lived life to the fullest, please be gentle with yourself; You might not be the centre of worship, please still be gentle with yourself. We all haveContinue reading “Be Gentle With Yourself”

Two Lamp Afterthought

Two lamps are hanging from the ceiling. The difference in length of the hanging chain wire inspires me. At times, life is all about hanging on and holding onto what we want. Some people persevere and hold onto their dreams longer, they succeed. And some give up on them too easily due to fatigue andContinue reading “Two Lamp Afterthought”

That Special Stranger

Besides our parents, other close family members and good friends, it is not easy to come across a stranger, who genuinely believes in our dream and aspiration. Because of the rarity of this type of encounter, once in awhile, when we do cross path with that particular someone, her words of encouragement and perspective ofContinue reading “That Special Stranger”

Never Underestimate Your Personal Experiences

It doesn’t take much to be inspirational. It is not difficult to make a positive impact in the life of others. All you have to do is Be Yourself! Being who you are with no pretension, sharing the ups and downs of your personal roller-coaster ride is the most effective way to create deep resonanceContinue reading “Never Underestimate Your Personal Experiences”

Being The First Isn’t Easy

When we respect our heart’s desires to chart our own life paths, we know that along the way, loneliness is a destined companion. Although we fully understand the inevitability of moments of isolation; however, I don’t think that majority of us have a full grasp on the scale of loneliness we will experience, venturing intoContinue reading “Being The First Isn’t Easy”


Il y a beaucoup de choses dans la vie s’exigent de la motivation et de la persévérance. Très souvent, cette sorte de mots inspirante se trouvent à l’intérieur de nous même. Plutôt qu’en espérant sans cesse que les autres sachent ce qu’à nous donner pour nous encourager, on peut se regarder au fond de nousContinue reading “S’encourager”

Reflection On My Journey As A Leader

It is never easy to take on a leadership position. As I look back on my journey as one of the leaders of a speaking club over the course of this past year, I realize how much encouragement and feedback given to me by fellow members have helped me grow as a person and becomeContinue reading “Reflection On My Journey As A Leader”