Through the gap of space and time, I was able to catch a glimpse of your presence. We both might have been too nervous to hold a steady look, and too preoccupied with our assumption of all the cases of worst scenario to show each other any interest. We refocused our lenses, took a deepContinue reading “Gap”

Hollywood Aura

A stranger tapped me on the shoulder in the subway station this morning. I did not know him. He was someone with some disabilities in verbal communication and physical mobility. I turned around to look at his face for a second, I promptly said, “Hello!” then quickly wanted to move on. He tapped me onContinue reading “Hollywood Aura”

That Special Stranger

Besides our parents, other close family members and good friends, it is not easy to come across a stranger, who genuinely believes in our dream and aspiration. Because of the rarity of this type of encounter, once in awhile, when we do cross path with that particular someone, her words of encouragement and perspective ofContinue reading “That Special Stranger”

A Man At The Fruit & Vegetable Store

Living in an English-speaking country, I have noticed that one of most frequently happening and largely ignored discriminations is the one against someone, who speaks English with an accent. Unlike other types of discriminations, which usually come with a huge amount of sensitivities and can engender a wide scale of societal and political repercussions, discriminationContinue reading “A Man At The Fruit & Vegetable Store”

No Lunch Is For Free

Quite often, we are told that we can get our day mapped out in advance so that it can unfold according to our wishes. Although we can certainly prioritize what needs to get done in a chronological order; however, there are unexpected events that take place throughout the day that no advanced planning could haveContinue reading “No Lunch Is For Free”

One Amongst The Billions

It is amazing that we meet different kinds of personalities each and every day when we are out and about. Although we can decide whom to be friends and have lunch with; however, we have no control over whom to run into around the street corners or to encounter along the way before our arrivalContinue reading “One Amongst The Billions”