Season Of Real Test Of Self-love

Do you really appreciate you for who you are? Do you really love being yourself? Now the weather is warm and humid, your love for yourself is being put to the real test. If you are one of those people, who feels jealous of some random stranger in the public, because the physical attributes ofContinue reading “Season Of Real Test Of Self-love”

Letting Go Is A Luxury

Toronto Distillery District Letting go is courageous. Letting go is all about trust; a trust in the idea of abundance, and a trust in the mystery of life. The purpose of letting go is to release rigid control. Control over things that we are never given the power to do so.  It’s a realization thatContinue reading “Letting Go Is A Luxury”

Be Free From The Gender Binary Restrictions

“Do you like songs by Backstreet Boys?” “Do you enjoy practicing yoga?” These are the two questions that females anywhere will have no difficulty answering. If they were posed to North American men, the reaction might be different. Although they may enjoy Backstreet boys songs and practice yoga as much as their women do; however,Continue reading “Be Free From The Gender Binary Restrictions”

Who Is A Hero?

“A hero is not someone, who is ‘perfect.’ We’d have no Heroes if this were the standard. We all make mistakes, but that doesn’t invalidate the contributions we make in the course of our lives. Perfection is not heroism; humanity is.”-Anthony Robbins

The Brain

The brain is a powerful tool that we use to think, to imagine, to sympathize with others, to find out and remember who we are, individually, culturally, professionally and spiritually. The brain is a place, where we archive the concept of oneness, which we will rediscover slowly with age that our individual, cultural and professionalContinue reading “The Brain”

7 Personality Traits of a Great Leader~Jim Rohn

  Learn to be strong but not rude; Learn to be kind but not weak; Learn to be bold but not a bully; You’ve got to learn to be humble but not timid; Be proud but not arrogant; Develop humor without folly; Lastly, deal in realities.  

Personal Battery

“We take better care of our iPhone and blackberry than we do of ourselves. When an iPhone is low in battery, there’s a 20% or 10% warning. When I ran out of my own battery a few years ago, collapsing from exhaustion in a pool of blood with my chin bruised, I didn’t even knowContinue reading “Personal Battery”

Being A Good Caretaker

I bought me a cake today to celebrate my birthday, because I believe that if I don’t make the effort to appreciate myself for whom I am, no one else will. I motivated me to hit the gym, despite all the laziness I felt, on an Easter Friday morning, because I believe that if IContinue reading “Being A Good Caretaker”