Life’s Q & A

What’s life? Is life all about rain and sunshine? What’s life? Is life all made up of the tangible and its intangible nemesis? What’s life? Is life all about living one’s own truth, while, simultaneously, doing one’s best to abide the rules set by others? What’s life? Is life all about counting the decades whileContinue reading “Life’s Q & A”

Dropping Off The Map

“Just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing…you kinda dropped off the map!” This is a Facebook message that I just received from the mom of a host family that I spent an entire summer with back in 1998 in southern California. It seems like a long time ago, yet the feelings andContinue reading “Dropping Off The Map”

Un Ange

Je vois un ange jouer dans la neige. Il est petit, mignon, et gai. Comme la neige, l’innocence et la pureté le protègent de la malpropreté du monde de trois dimensions. Dans l’enfance, on avait hâte de s’agrandir, car on ne voulais s’en débarrasser les limites que nous ont imposés les adultes dans notre vie.Continue reading “Un Ange”

La Brillance

Le soleil est brillant. La fumée est blanche. Le ciel est bleu. L’air est fraîche. Tous ces éléments là sont parfaitement contents de ce qu’ils sont. Jamais n’ont-ils le besoin de s’insulter ou de se rendre peu sûrs, à cause de beauté des autres. Très souvent, la raison pour laquelle nous, les être humains, quiContinue reading “La Brillance”

Giving Up Opportunity Voluntarily

If others give you an opportunity, grab it! This is what most of us have been told. What if, just what if after we grabbed the opportunity by the horn and soon found out that we are incompetent to use this opportunity to its fullest potentials, should we give it up voluntarily? Earlier this year,Continue reading “Giving Up Opportunity Voluntarily”

“I No Longer Judged Anyone”

I read a blog post, written by a well-known spiritual teacher earlier this morning. She drew inspiration for this post from her recent trip to Spain, where she was guided to spend thirty-five days, walking the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage route, after having lived through some tough time in her personal life. In theContinue reading ““I No Longer Judged Anyone””