Starbucks Or Instant Coffee

These are “difficult” choices that coffee drinkers sometimes struggle with. As a former coffee drinker, I certainly did have the same conundrum back in the days. Consuming coffee is like wearing clothes. It is no longer just for self-satisfaction and self-protection. Rather, it has become a way, in which personal statements can be made. SinceContinue reading “Starbucks Or Instant Coffee”

A Glamorized Addiction

Coffee is a glamorized addiction. With the branding extravaganza, masterminded by companies, such as Starbucks, this glamorized addiction has solidified not only its role in modern pop culture, but also its must-have importance on many of our daily agendas. I have stopped consuming coffee. Not only is it because of the excessive consumption of caffeineContinue reading “A Glamorized Addiction”