Money Can’t Buy Everything

Each setback in life is supposed to teach us a lesson. What I have learned from my current situation is that though money can buy many things; however, it can’t always buy genuine and real happiness. Genuine and real happiness resides in the heart, a priceless commodity that can only be produced by the deepContinue reading “Money Can’t Buy Everything”

The Past

The past can be memory that we cherish, and burden that we carry. Our face gets wrinkled by the fondness of the past. It also gets wrinkled by the heaviness of yesterday. Although the past happiness is precious, and the past heaviness is dreading; however, both of which have come to pass.   Today, mayContinue reading “The Past”

Confucius’ Wisdom

“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”~Confucius A statement perfectly describes the immigrants’ experience. As immigrants, once we have made the decision to move to a new country, what’s inevitable is the realization of our dreams, which will get achieved at a slower pace than the nativeContinue reading “Confucius’ Wisdom”