Breathe, know that we can make it through this temporary setback; Breathe, know that this detour that we are facing is momentary; Breathe, know that life has its own will; And breathe, know that doing our best is the only way to obtain the ultimate peace and quiet. We all fight hard for our dreamsContinue reading “Breathe”

Two Lamp Afterthought

Two lamps are hanging from the ceiling. The difference in length of the hanging chain wire inspires me. At times, life is all about hanging on and holding onto what we want. Some people persevere and hold onto their dreams longer, they succeed. And some give up on them too easily due to fatigue andContinue reading “Two Lamp Afterthought”

May We Be Restored

When we leave our home for another place, working hard to make our dream a reality, words of empowerment and support, at times, are more valuable and needed than any material compensation. As we grow older, even those non-believers among us start to develop a sense of curiosity in the invisible realm of this world.Continue reading “May We Be Restored”