Why Am I Into Journalism?

This morning, someone asked me why I was into journalism? Born and raised in an environment, where most people were brainwashed into upholding wholeheartedly the status quo of conformity, and where I felt constantly restricted from having enough free space to explore and be self-expressive, journalism was the medium, through which I got to learnContinue reading “Why Am I Into Journalism?”

One Opinion In A Sea of Thousands

Have you ever been told that you are too ugly for something particular that captures your heart? Maybe not… maybe not in such a harsh language. That being said, I think that all of us have been told by some stranger, families, friends, even our inner self, at some point of our lives, that weContinue reading “One Opinion In A Sea of Thousands”


Dream seems real yet lucid. It’s realness lies in the fact that the subject of our dream, whose presence can easily provoke a sense of familiarity and relatability that we all are accustomed to. Its lucidity creates a mirror effect, which is responsible for engendering our sadness, because what we “see” is so tangible yetContinue reading “Dream”

Black History Month In Canada

February is Black History Month in Canada. In this month, all Canadians are called to recognize, honor and celebrate, collectively, the contributions that Black Canadians have made for this country on both of the national and international levels. One of the key reasons why a month of this type was designated in the first placeContinue reading “Black History Month In Canada”

Mind At Night

What does your mind like to do at night? When it is cold and dark on the outside, sitting on the inside of a brightly lit apartment above the ground floor, My mind, at times, makes me feel like resting in an isolated tree house, where the tranquility of the darkness is all there isContinue reading “Mind At Night”

Glory Hunting

Some people think chasing a dream is all about glory hunting. The reason why they have such an impression is because they have not truly chased a dream before. Anyone, who has chased a dream, knows well that going after a dream is not all about glory hunting. It is a taxing journey that notContinue reading “Glory Hunting”

Live Your Dream

As human beings, we have a habit of seeking external recognition and appreciation to validate the things that we have done or are about to do. The truth of the matter is that external validation will be harder to find if we decide to live our dream. Living our dream requires the courage to breakContinue reading “Live Your Dream”

A Chinese Saying

There is a well-known Chinese saying, “we can give our best effort, trying to make our dream a reality. That being said, the fruition of our dream is also determined by a power greater than ours.” Quite often, we are taught and trained by our family, and society to be the creator and driver ofContinue reading “A Chinese Saying”