Character-building Experiences

How many character-building experiences have you had so far? I have had many. Majority of them happened for me, yes, for me, after I had moved to Canada alone to pursuit my studies. Preposition, to, implies the taking place of an unfortunate event, while the preposition, for, comes with an air of hidden blessing. TheContinue reading “Character-building Experiences”

Small, Yet Powerful!

Distillery District Toronto One’s physical attributes are not the absolute measure of how powerful one can be. All of us have not only physical power, but also inner power. Inner power usually refers to the concepts of determination, commitment, motivation, and other psychological conditions alike. Quite often, the power of a person is judged, basedContinue reading “Small, Yet Powerful!”

A Simple Quote

“Every great chef cooks in their head. They taste in their head. They present food in their mind. They dream about food.” ~Claudio Aprile This quote is not only just a criterion to evaluate the greatness of a chef, but it also speaks to the truth of a career, which is built upon one’s authenticContinue reading “A Simple Quote”

Letting Go Is A Luxury

Toronto Distillery District Letting go is courageous. Letting go is all about trust; a trust in the idea of abundance, and a trust in the mystery of life. The purpose of letting go is to release rigid control. Control over things that we are never given the power to do so.  It’s a realization thatContinue reading “Letting Go Is A Luxury”