I’m Intrigued

I sometimes wonder if people, who were born in cold climate, are more immune to chilly weather. I was born in a warm climate. Hence why I am always bundled up, from head to toe, whenever the temperatures drop. During the Canadian winter months, I frequently come across people, wearing only two layers of clothingContinue reading “I’m Intrigued”

The Difference Between Assertion & Stubbornness

Being assertive isn’t the same as being stubborn or arrogant. Although these two types of personal insistence both imply a certain amount of self-confidence, however, being assertive comes with an air of openness to various viewpoints, while being stubborn or arrogant is a demonstration of one’s rejection of receptivity. Think about it, if we aren’tContinue reading “The Difference Between Assertion & Stubbornness”

Feeling Out Of Place

Have you ever felt like a stranger in your own culture? I have, and don’t know why. I was born and grew up in the same culture. Strangely enough, I am more curious in the culture of others’ than mine. Maybe I am bored by the lack of ethnic diversities in my own culture; maybeContinue reading “Feeling Out Of Place”