Gosh, I Thought That You Would Be Taller

“Gosh, I thought that you would be taller, because your parents are tall.” I heard this statement a lot. Like I have a say in determining how tall I would grow up to be. My family members used to blame me for my lack of expected height for my decision to go on diet. IContinue reading “Gosh, I Thought That You Would Be Taller”

Be Kind

There is always an ending to a party. Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes when we are on a seemingly lucky ride, we become bewildered when the lucky stream comes to a sudden end, and get frustrated by our inability to prevent the abrupt stop. Human beings tend to overly believe in ourselves, so much so thatContinue reading “Be Kind”

Season Of Real Test Of Self-love

Do you really appreciate you for who you are? Do you really love being yourself? Now the weather is warm and humid, your love for yourself is being put to the real test. If you are one of those people, who feels jealous of some random stranger in the public, because the physical attributes ofContinue reading “Season Of Real Test Of Self-love”

Seasonal Outbreak Of Summer Anger

Summer is approaching. The warm weather is here. Often time, people are warned about the deadly consequences of suffering from heat wave. What’s often left unwarned is the repercussion of suffering from seasonal outbreak of the summer anger. The warm weather day causes extra amount of perspiration. The drenched clothes, the dripping sweat and theContinue reading “Seasonal Outbreak Of Summer Anger”

Continue To Blossom

Layer of love, layer of joy; Layer of wonder, layer of poise; Life is full of layers. The blossoming of a flower is purely simple, yet sophisticated. A beautiful model of simplicity that’s there to witness; It is also a magical presence of sophistication that’s there to inspire.

Size In The Dog World

Does size matter in the dog world? Do dogs have concern for their physical appearance, as much as their best friends, human beings, often do? In the human world, we have a constant and tireless fixation on the size of anything physical. We wish that we could be taller, shorter, thinner, thicker, etc. and etc.Continue reading “Size In The Dog World”

Letting Go Is A Luxury

Toronto Distillery District Letting go is courageous. Letting go is all about trust; a trust in the idea of abundance, and a trust in the mystery of life. The purpose of letting go is to release rigid control. Control over things that we are never given the power to do so.  It’s a realization thatContinue reading “Letting Go Is A Luxury”

Different Levels Of Self-Confidence

There are different levels of self-confidence. The level of self-confidence that we have while conversing on an individual basis isn’t exactly the same as the one that we use to call a meeting to order, to give a toast, or to offer someone constructive criticism in a public setting. Quite often time, people attribute theContinue reading “Different Levels Of Self-Confidence”

Edible Art

When we were kids, we wanted to be grownups, because grownups got to have all the freedom and recognition in the world. Once we become grownups, we do everything we can to hold on to the idea of being kids. Kids symbolize youthfulness, energy, vibrancy and perfection. We immortalize our past childhood in clothing, inContinue reading “Edible Art”

Working Hard Is Very Democratic

When I am feeling lazy, slouching in my chair, the most effective way that I can use to kick myself out of idleness is to watch interviews given by people, for whom I have a sense of admiration, on Youtube. A commonality, which is shared by all these people that I look up to, isContinue reading “Working Hard Is Very Democratic”