Au revoir 2016

Au revoir 2016, c’est la dernière soirée que tu n’es d’ici qu’avec moi. Tu m’as tant changé tout au long de ton séjour, et Je n’en suis pas sûr s’il était pour le meilleur ou pour le pire. Au revoir 2016, c’est le temps de partir pour toi. En ayant voyagé avec toi, j’ai exploréContinue reading “Au revoir 2016”

An Inquiry Without Hello

Nature is magical and unpredictable. In just 24 hours, a twenty degree Monday had been completely replaced by a minus nine, snowy Tuesday, as it had had been this windy and cold all along. A proper Canadian spring is long overdue. While lying in bed earlier today, I checked the email inbox of the organization,Continue reading “An Inquiry Without Hello”

Feeling Out Of Place

Have you ever felt like a stranger in your own culture? I have, and don’t know why. I was born and grew up in the same culture. Strangely enough, I am more curious in the culture of others’ than mine. Maybe I am bored by the lack of ethnic diversities in my own culture; maybeContinue reading “Feeling Out Of Place”