Curiosity Over Fear

Before experiencing something new, we tend to feel fearful and anxious. The unknown intrigues and frightens our human psyche at the same time. In life, we long for excitement, yet stability is what is desired by most. Keep calm and be yourself, a personal mantra to inspire me daily. Calmness derives from within. In myContinue reading “Curiosity Over Fear”

Donation Doesn’t Have To Be In Monetary Form

  In recent years, streets of Toronto are filled with donation collectors for various hospitals and charities. Their aggressive way of approaching passerby to ask for donation has turned many people off and away from this type of fundraising. I had been approached by several fundraisers before. Once they found out that I had notContinue reading “Donation Doesn’t Have To Be In Monetary Form”

A Chinese Saying

There is a well-known Chinese saying, “we can give our best effort, trying to make our dream a reality. That being said, the fruition of our dream is also determined by a power greater than ours.” Quite often, we are taught and trained by our family, and society to be the creator and driver ofContinue reading “A Chinese Saying”


Do you want to fly? Have you ever dreamed about being able to fly? I don’t want to fly at this moment, but I have definitely dreamed about it before. Flying implies an airiness of both physical and mental unrestraint. To become airy, we have got to work hard to let go of physical andContinue reading “Fly”

True Friends

Back in high school, my dad once overheard a phone conversation that I had with a good friend of mine, at the time. During the conversation, my friend and I used funny nicknames to address each other, which was something that my dad disapproved of and considered disrespectful. He whispered to me while I wasContinue reading “True Friends”

Speaking Is An Art

Speaking is an art. The choice of words is an art. The way, in which ideas get across to others, is an art. We have all hurt someone with our words before. If you have not, you are given an art of speech that you should be appreciative of. Art comes in many forms. RegardlessContinue reading “Speaking Is An Art”

Don’t Be Rooted In The Past

Don’t be rooted in the past, but be grounded in the past. I like the word, nostalgia. In fact, I first learned this word while browsing through school French vocabularies. The word, nostalgia, is beautiful, just like the meaning that it is intended to convey. We tend to hold onto anything that’s beautiful. Hence whyContinue reading “Don’t Be Rooted In The Past”

Facebook Wall

Once I heard someone say to her friend “May your life look as fantastic as it does on your Facebook wall.” True, so true! What do you want to see on your Facebook wall when you log in your account? Would you rather see positive messages to help get your day going and to haveContinue reading “Facebook Wall”

Candle Luster

Candles don’t lose their luster by lighting other candles. In this holiday season, you will likely come across many beautifully lit and wonderfully smelled candles. Have you noticed one thing about candles? They don’t lose their luster by lighting other candles. This is a gentle reminder to all of us the importance of sharing generouslyContinue reading “Candle Luster”