Refashion Excellence

Last Wednesday, I listened to a guest speaker, who talked passionately about being the best we could ever be in life. She considered our best self as an embodiment of our own definition of excellence. In the Q&A part of her presentation, I posed a such question, ” you emphasized repeatedly the importance of beingContinue reading “Refashion Excellence”

Do It & Don’t Do it

Do it, Because you want to; Because you want to express yourself; Because you want to respect the value of your inner voice. Don’t do it, When you do not want to; When you want to express yourself to please others; When you want to devalue your inner voice under the influence of others’.  

Live Your Life

Live your life!!! How many times do we have to be told in order to put these words into our daily practice? Quite often, the seemingly simplest things can be the hardest things to do. At least in my own personal experiences, this is case. Live your life, without the constant, self-inflicted, egotistic comparison toContinue reading “Live Your Life”


When we were little, many clichés didn’t make sense to us. We were incapable of understanding why inner beauty was more important than the outer one. We couldn’t comprehend why a lot of adults said “living is not easy.” And, we didn’t know why many people felt so lonely in a world, of which wasContinue reading “Clichés”

Go After Your Dream

What’s the most effective way to inspire and teach your kids life lessons?  Different people may have different answers. In my particular case, I learn and get inspired the most by looking at examples, set by people that I am fond of, the likes of my parents, grandparents and some public figures. I was watchingContinue reading “Go After Your Dream”