Blind Gossip

I discovered a Blind Gossip website yesterday. It is a celebrity gossip site that aims to expose and report, anonymously, the secret life of the rich and famous. The “blindness” nature of this site protects the site creators, as well as the scoop providers from potential lawsuits and other legal troubles, served by the accusedContinue reading “Blind Gossip”

Being A Tourist

Being a tourist in the city is fun. Being a tourist in the city reignites the fire of curiosity within me. Staring at the clock tower in the distance; being captivated by the vibrant colors of the building in front of me; and studying the arched entrances next to me, every element seems enticing andContinue reading “Being A Tourist”


Chilliness is in the wind. Darkness is over the city. Lights of sparkles have brought out a different side of the city. In this chilly darkness, the mysterious ambiance allows me the liberty to imagine, to guess and to be that curious child all over again.

First Time

It’s a heavy snow day in the city of Toronto today. The pure and symmetrical white feathers have carpeted the entire city. I remembered seeing real snow in person for the first time. It was in the year of 2000. A few white feathers gently fell from the sky, outside of my classroom windows, intriguedContinue reading “First Time”

A Cute Little Boy

This morning I saw a boy, who waved his gloved little hand at a policeman, sitting inside a parked police car while crossing an intersection. His smile and curiosity were so contagious that his father couldn’t help but keep saying to him “That’s a police car.” The little boy walked slowly past me. Right beforeContinue reading “A Cute Little Boy”

If You Think About It, You’re Half Way There

I love Paris. Have never been there, but I keep telling everyone I meet how much I am in love with it. Maybe it’s the unfamiliarity with the city that intrigues me. Maybe it’s all the clichés and postcard classiness about the city that attract me. Maybe, it’s just maybe my curiosity that makes meContinue reading “If You Think About It, You’re Half Way There”

The Power Of Genuine Curiosity

Genuine Curiosity helps us surpass the initial anxiety, and pushes us to gravitate towards enthusiasm, the synergy of which invigorates the idea flow of a pleasant verbal communication.~Torontobaobao