Too Sexy, Too Soon

Our world is a one that capitalizes, predominantly, on women’s sexuality. Taking a look at the most commonly used adjectives employed in pop culture, words, such as sexy, hot, and body-hugging, all seem to provide us with a glimpse into this long-existing socially habitual convention. The word, sexy, in particular, is a controversial one. OnContinue reading “Too Sexy, Too Soon”

A New Native Land

We are all humans. We all want to belong. In a world, where nothing is statically permanent, a sense of belonging is more than ever sought after. A sense of belonging is usually found in a communal context, in a common history and in a shared interest. That being said, in a city, such asContinue reading “A New Native Land”

A German Bear

It is interesting how an animal is picked as the mascot of a particular group or nation. Dragon, panda and phoenix are the conventional choices for Chinese, while the eagle is the one for the American。What’s the reason behind choosing a bear to be the mascot of German Consulate in Toronto? I wonder.

Chinese Red Lanterns

Countless Chinese red lanterns are hung, throughout the world, to welcome in and to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the Goat. Each red lantern represents a hope. Each red lantern symbolizes a dream. Hopes and dreams are what we all wish for at the eve of a brand new cycle. We pray for prosperityContinue reading “Chinese Red Lanterns”

A Question

All the beauties around me oftentimes amaze me. It is unfortunate that I rarely slow down my steps to appreciate their presence. I’m like many others in this metropolis, who reluctantly cover up their authentic desires just to avoid some weird gazes in the streets. Do we live for ourselves or for those that weContinue reading “A Question”