Personal Beliefs & Professional Accomplishments

Can you separate a person’s beliefs from his or her professional accomplishments? Many people may say yes upon hearing the idea, because personal beliefs and professional accomplishments seemingly come across as two separate entities. A professional accomplishment is usually built on one’s vision, perseverance, and hard work; three personal traits that we are all aspiredContinue reading “Personal Beliefs & Professional Accomplishments”

Thought Of The Day

Love is beautiful. We can all agree on that. However, there is a time and a place for everything, including how and when it is appropriate to show love. Public display of affection is not unwelcome. If it is happening in a narrow space; more specifically, on a crowded street, where people are headed inContinue reading “Thought Of The Day”


First impression is important. Admit it or not, we all make snap judgment of things and people that we come across for the first time. To create a good first impression, we all need to pay attention to the way, in which we carry ourselves in public, as well as the level of courtesy thatContinue reading “Politeness”


Manspreading, a public demeanor that some Torontonians are urging Toronto Transit Commission to ban in its subway trains and buses. For those of you, who don’t know what manspreading is, please allow me to keep you up-to-date with the latest letter coupling. Manspreading is meant to describe a male transit rider that spreads both ofContinue reading “Manspreading”

A Small & Courteous Gesture Does Count

Last night was a humid one in Toronto, Canada. The temperature on the inside of the brightly lit and fully equipment operated radio studio was so high that anyone sitting down for an interview would feel like being baked in an oven. On top of the hour, there were two scheduled interviews, one of whichContinue reading “A Small & Courteous Gesture Does Count”